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Mold growth is one of the most common – and destructive – problems that homeowners face. All it takes is a little moisture from flooding or a leaky pipe to cause a major outbreak.

Mold spreads quickly and it can eat through various types of window-mold-2property, including wood, furniture, carpets and clothing. It’s also a serious health threat to all building inhabitants – especially the elderly and infants.

Mold is not a problem that you can put off until the next day. Any sign of an outbreak should be treated with caution and a timely response.

ARC’s mold inspection and remediation team can evaluate your mold problem, find all active sites and restore your property to its original condition. If you have recently experienced water damage, or if you know that mold has entered your home, contact us today to schedule an inspection.

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Mold: A Serious Threat to Health

Mold is capable of significant property damage, but that’s not the only threat it poses to homes and businesses. Active mold sites can quickly turn air into a health hazard.

You do not need to be allergic to mold to start developing complications. While those with asthma, the elderly and children are at a heightened risk of medical issues, continuous exposure to mold over a long period of time can cause allergy-like symptoms and, recent research has shown, possibly lead to respiratory illnesses later in life.

The health effects of mold extend beyond the respiratory system. Contact with spores on the skin, eyes and other areas of the body can lead to rashes and persistent irritations.

Because mold spreads by releasing spores into the air, it can move to other areas of a building through the HVAC system. It can also spread via human contact.

Understanding the Causes of Mold

As you may already be aware, mold growth is commonly associated with water damage. This is largely due to the fact that mold requires damp, moist areas to thrive.

Water damage and flooding tend to create such conditions. These events can also raise the overall humidity level of an area, which leads to mold growth.

This is one of the most important reasons why scheduling a mold inspection after flood recovery is so critical; the sooner that testing and remediation services can evaluate the damage, the lower the remediation cost will likely be.

Water damage doesn’t have to be catastrophic to contribute to mold growth. Sometimes, all it takes to start an outbreak is a leaky pipe.

While visibly noticing mold is one of the clearest ways to identify a problem, mold’s characteristic scent tends to be the first symptom. Any persistent smell that is similar to dirty socks in basements, attics, kitchens and bathrooms may indicate mold. This, however, does not mean that mold is restricted to that area. Lingering allergic reactions – especially during times of the year when allergies aren’t as common – are also signs of a mold outbreak.

Call ARC for Professional Mold Inspection and Remediation

Just because you notice an active mold site does not mean it’s the only one in your home or business. Due to mold’s ability to grow in hard-to-see areas, as well as the potential health risks, you should never try to remove it without professional help.

If not addressed properly, mold can return in full force, causing more damage than the original outbreak. This is why it is so important not only to remove the mold but also to address the root of the problem. At ARC, we approach each job with the goal to protect our clients from future issues of the same nature.

If you suspect that you may have mold growing in your home or place of business, contact Allied Restoration Company today at 415-529-5637. There is no job too large or too small for our Marin mold inspection crew.