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Mold Testing and Remediation in Belvedere, California

Often the result of recent water damage or flooding, mold can grow virtually anywhere as long as there’s enough moisture. Mold is guilty of far more than just an offensive odor, though, which is why you should call the pros as soon as you need Belvedere mold cleanup.

It can eat through carpeting, furniture, dry wall and more. Mold alsoBlack mold was growing in most buildings that flooded. poses a significant health risk for anyone in the vicinity.

Despite advances in building construction, mold continues to be a serious problem for home and business owners across the country. It can sometimes be hard to find, and its smell can be mistaken for a typical basement odor. Given the dangers associated with mold, professional testing and remediation services are critical for preventing damage to your home, as well as stopping health threats to you and your family.

If you suspect your home or business may have mold, don’t hesitate to contact Allied Restoration Company today at 415-529-5637. Whether it’s the result of minor or major water damage, our Belvedere mold inspection services can find the source of your mold and eradicate it with professional efficiency. Don’t go another day with mold in your home; call us today to schedule a test.

What are the common signs of mold?

Though it may not intentionally hide from plain sight, mold is particularly adept at growing in hard-to-reach areas that are moist. Luckily, you can see mold with the naked eye.

Unfortunately, if you can see it, that may be indicative of a more serious problem. If you can see active mold, don’t try to clean it without the help of a professional because you will be opening yourself up to direct exposure. Wiping away active mold sites might just remove the symptoms of a much larger issue.

In cases where mold is not fully visible, most home and business owners can detect its presence by its characteristic smell: an odor similar to that of dirty socks. Check basements and attics for any distinctive smells because these areas are most susceptible to mold growth, even when there hasn’t been any recent or obvious water damage.

Persistent allergies are another indicator that mold could be an issue in the building. Not only are many people allergic to mold spores, but excessive contact with the skin and eyes can also cause irritation similar to allergic reactions.

Mold: A Serious Health Risk

Mold is pernicious in its ability to spread throughout a building. Active sites release countless spores into the air, which travel for great distances to find new areas to grow. Bathrooms and kitchens are likely targets because of their moist environments.

The ability to spread easily means mold presents health risks outside of where it’s actually growing. Spores will often land in areas where they can’t grow, and instead people breathe them in, absorb them into the skin and even ingest them in their bodies.

Difficulty breathing is the first concern when it comes to mold. Spores can cause deadly asthmatic attacks, as well as serious dangers for the elderly and infants. Children are at significant risk, and recent research suggests strong links between mold exposure and respiratory illnesses later in life.

Mold Testing Is the Only Guaranteed Way to Find and Locate Active Sites Safely

While you can try to find mold on your own, you should consider hiring a mold testing service to ensure the safety of your family. If mold is in one location in a building, it is extremely likely that it may have spread to other areas, as well. Mold testing services will not only locate these areas, but they will do so according to strict industry protocol, which eliminates the chance of contamination and exposure.

After successfully locating all active mold sites, the remediation process can begin, targeting key areas to ensure their removal. One of the most critical aspects of this phase is identifying causes for the mold. Water damage can be especially hard to notice, and sometimes a hidden leaky pipe is all it takes.

Mold Testing and Removal in Belvedere, California

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