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Mold Testing and Remediation in Corte Madera

Of the more common issues plaguing homes and businesses, mold growth is one of the most frequent and problematic. Mold presents a serious threat to property because it can destroy countless materials, and it also creates serious health risks for anyone in its vicinity.

Mold is often the result of water damage or general dampness, andwindow-mold-2 when you take into account the fact that it’s rarely an isolated problem, it’s clear why you should deal with mold as soon as possible; however, eliminating mold is never a simple “DIY” job.

Only a professional service can locate active sites and effectively conduct mold remediation. Professionals can also diagnose any issues that might be contributing to the growth of mold and remedy these problems to prevent future outbreaks.

If you suspect you may have a mold problem in your home or business, contact Allied Restoration Company today for professional mold inspection in Corte Madera. As an industry leader in testing and removing mold, we can guarantee satisfactory results that secure your property and help maintain a healthy living area. Call us today at 415-529-5637.

Mold Is a Serious Threat to Health

Though some home and business owners may be aware that they have a mold problem, they might underestimate the actual danger it poses. Aside from damage to property, the very presence of mold creates a significant health hazard.

Mold spreads by releasing spores into the air, and those spores can travel throughout an entire building in search of favorable conditions. Not only do spores make mold growth difficult to stop, but anyone in the area can also inhale them easily.

This can trigger severe allergic reactions and poses a major risk to those suffering from asthma. The elderly and children are especially susceptible to developing respiratory issues in the presence of mold.

In fact, persistent allergic reactions are usually a sign of a mold issue. Recent studies have indicated that there may even be a link between mold exposure at an early age and respiratory illnesses later in life.

Breathing complications aren’t the only health issue associated with mold. Spores can irritate the skin, eyes, nose and throat, particularly in those who are allergic to mold. Red eyes, rashes and other symptoms can last as long as active sites are releasing spores into the air.

Common Causes of Mold Growth

Mold grows in damp, moist areas that residents rarely disturb. Basements and attics are often prone to such conditions, making them a likely place for active sites to start developing. Kitchens and bathrooms are also common places for mold to grow, as well.

Water damage and flooding typically create the conditions necessary for mold by disturbing relative humidity levels, as well as saturating surfaces with water; however, a major flood isn’t always necessary for such an outcome. Sometimes a leaky pipe behind a wall provides more than enough moisture to dampen an area enough for mold to start growing.

Professional Mold Testing and Remediation

Even in situations where active mold is visible, home and business owners should refrain from attempting to remove it themselves. Inexperience and a lack of proper tools will not only make a DIY remediation effort ineffectual, but they can also result in direct exposure to mold spores, encouraging them to spread to other areas of the house.

Without locating all active mold sights, cleaning one area won’t solve the problem because other active sites will continue releasing spores. Because of this, the only effective way to clean an area with mold is to hire a professional testing and remediation company.

With both the knowledge and equipment necessary to tackle the job effectively, a professional mold removal service can find all problematic areas in your home, determine the original cause of the mold and clean the area thoroughly and safely.

Mold Testing and Remediation in Corte Madera, California

Allied Restoration Company is Corte Madera’s go-to service when it comes to professional mold testing and remediation. With years of experience using industry-standard tools and techniques, we can locate all mold sites in your home or business and eliminate them. Call us today at 415-529-5637 to learn more about our services.