Call ARC for Roofing Repair in Cotati

Post-Disaster Roofing Repair and Restoration in Cotati

When a natural disaster occurs near Cotati, residents face an enormous challenge. Severe storms, earthquakes, fires, floods and other unpredictable calamities can cause extensive damage to building fixtures, including residential roofs.

What should you do if you are ever in this situation? How do you Roof Repair in Californiafind someone with the expertise to evaluate the safety and condition of your property and perform any repairs or renovations if necessary?

Allied Restoration Company offers comprehensive disaster restoration and cleanup services in your area. Call 415-529-5637 at any time of the day or night to request professional assistance with roofing repair in Cotati.

Specialized Disaster Cleanup

The significant financial losses that accompany natural disasters can be devastating. In 2009 alone, Americans lost an estimated $26 billion as a result of these unwelcome events.

Calling upon the skills of experts allows property owners to minimize roofing costs following a catastrophe. If unseen damage occurred to the roof, you need to know about the full extent of the problem as soon as possible. Allowing a hole or other defect to go undetected contributes to gradual building deterioration; leaks grow larger, wood rots and surfaces corrode or warp.

Asking a trained disaster restoration professional to inspect your roof and make repairs ultimately benefits you and your budget in the long run. You’ll stand a much better chance of identifying and correcting all of the cleanup and remediation issues in your building’s vital roofing system.

Prompt Attention Can Mean the Difference between Minor Repairs and an Extensive Restoration

Paying close attention to the damage your property sustained in a natural disaster holds several advantages. There include:

  • Promoting the safety of residents and visitors.
  • Ensuring a timely cleanup.
  • Allowing owners to gain a better understanding of the full scope of damage.

Consider a common cleanup scenario following a severe windstorm. When strong gusts blow a tree or other heavy item onto a residential roof, the homeowner must respond to potentially catastrophic damage.

A large hole ripped into the surface of a roof provides one very obvious sign that repairs must occur. What about less apparent impacts from hail, pebbles and other projectiles, though? In a storm, solid objects can strike the surface of your roof and cause significant damage, even if you cannot see it.

Amateurs usually don’t notice these types of small cavities and indentations; however, roofing experts advise that a hailstone the size of a mere quarter can cause serious damage. By initiating repairs but failing to fix a multitude of tiny, pinpoint penetrations in a visibly damaged roofing system, a homeowner risks addressing only part of the problem and facing more severe damage down the road. Once the material around the remaining holes begins deteriorating, a leaking problem may even require the installation of another roof.

The Benefits of Calling ARC

Allied Restoration Company employs a team of experts to offer skilled inspections, cleanups and repairs. We will also perform new construction if necessary.

If you call upon our specialists after a disaster, you know you’ll be in good hands. ARC possesses IIRC Certification and draws upon the services of qualified professionals trained in environmental health, medicine, air quality and engineering.

We also perform mold remediation services and offer comprehensive fire and water damage cleanup. If that’s not enough, we respond to requests for assistance on a 24-hour basis.

Our multi-disciplinary approach means clients receive comprehensive roofing assistance promptly following an unexpected natural disaster. We’ll address issues ranging from protecting air quality to removing dirt and debris from the premises.

Highly Qualified Cotati Roof Repair

Don’t let a natural disaster victimize you twice because you failed to obtain fully qualified cleanup and restoration services the first time around; ignoring the complete scope of damage inflicted by severe storms, fires, seismic activity or other unexpected events could lead to property deterioration and costly long-term problems.

By taking rapid action, a property owner ensures that the building regains its former beautiful appearance as quickly as possible. Additionally, you’ll promote your household’s health and safety.

Avoid Delays

When a natural disaster strikes in Cotati, seek prompt professional assistance. Call Allied Restoration Company at 415-529-5637 for the timely, expert restoration, cleanup and construction services your roof needs and your family deserves.

Image from faza_elh on Flickr’s Creative Commons