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Most homeowners underestimate the destructive power of mold until they experience an outbreak firsthand. In addition to causing structural problems, mold is a health hazard – especially to children and the elderly.

Property owners should take caution when it comes to mold removal. Without the right tools and techniques, you could suffer potentially fatal allergic reactions if you come into contact with mold.

This is why mold inspection and removal is never a DIY job. Even if you have seen an active site, there may be others in hard-to-notice areas. Testing for mold requires a comprehensive evaluation of your home.

If you believe mold has entered your home or business, contact Allied Restoration Company today for mold removal in Fairfax. We pride ourselves on providing a timely response, and we approach each project with the goal to protect our clients from future problems of the same nature. To schedule an inspection, call our office today at 415-529-5637.

Common Causes of Mold

There are a number of different factors that can contribute to a mold outbreak. The ideal environment is moist and rarely disturbed, such as basements and attics. Bathrooms and kitchens are also prone to outbreaks.

Although mold can affect just about any building at any time, outbreaks are particularly common after a flood or another form of significant water damage. Water can saturate wood, dry wall and other property, setting the foundation for a potentially major outbreak.

Water damage doesn’t need to be catastrophic in order for mold to grow. All it takes is a leaky pipe to create the conditions necessary for mold growth. What makes this particularly problematic is that mold may not be immediately noticeable because it can thrive behind walls, under floors and above ceilings.

How to Tell If You Have a Mold Outbreak

Mold isn’t always noticeable. In some cases, you may be able to visibly spot active sites, but other times, you may just have to rely on other senses.

One of the most common ways people identify a mold problem is though scent. Typically described as being similar to dirty laundry, mold is often mistaken as a common “basement smell.” Persistent breathing problems, as well as ongoing allergic reactions — especially during times of the year where allergies aren’t a common issue — are also signs of a mold problem.

Health Issues Associated with Mold

Though mold is a serious issue when it comes to property damage, it can also turn an area into a health hazard. Mold spreads by releasing spores into the air. These spores can travel through the HVAC system and reach every room in a home, where humans can inhale them. These spores also rest on surfaces, where people can touch them and suffer skin irritation.

For asthmatics, the elderly and infants, mold is a very serious threat. It can cause potentially fatal asthma attacks, as well as restrict breathing for those with weakened respiratory systems.

Even if you don’t have allergic reactions to mold, breathing complications may arise from prolonged exposure. There have also been links between contact with mold and lung-related illnesses later in life.

Hiring a Professional Mold Inspection and Remediation Company

Though it may appear cost effective to remove mold sites on your own, the reality is that mold removal is a complicated project that requires specialized tools and techniques. Mold can be difficult to find without the right experience. Also, improper cleanup methods can result in direct exposure to spores and contribute to the spread of mold throughout the building.

Professional remediation companies can pinpoint the cause of mold growth and make efforts to permanently solve the issue. Without this critical step, mold often makes returns,

Mold Inspection and Remediation in Fairfax, California

For professional mold cleanup services in Fairfax, trust Allied Restoration Company to get the job done right the first time. With decades of experience and industry-standard tools and techniques, we can guarantee satisfactory results. Call us today at 415-529-5637.