Allied Restoration Company: Sebastopol Roof Repair

ARC: A Trusted Name in Sebastopol Roof Repair 

Storm preparation in Sonoma’s West County is a way of life. Drought happens, but so does rain with its floods and damage.

The restoration experts at ARC are in their second decade helping Roof Repair in California 2property owners recover from disaster. We know about water damage and bringing quick answers to complex problems – whether from flooding or simple leaks due to roofing failure. With our knowledge of the Sebastopol climate and local home structures, we are equipped to handle your project one time and within budget.

We Know West County’s Roofing Needs

ARC is your problem-solving solution for roofing repair in Sebastopol. We understand how to manage that leaking roof of yours and mitigate interior water damage.

In addition to repairing the structural damage, we can address mold or mildew, growth. These can be health hazards to everyone on the property. To start planning your restoration project, call our office at 415-529-5637 for your roofing repair or replacement needs.

Roof Variety

Your roof’s job, whether hipped or gabled, is to move precipitation off your roof and away from your building without permitting living space leaks. Materials used to cover the roof and provide that drainage are the important factors. Roofing materials do vary in terms of visual appeal, quality, texture, composition, and suitability, and pitch of roof may define the life of your roofing material in some cases.

Asphalt Shingles

In our region, asphalt shingles are common. They have a variety of shapes and textures, are economical, and long lasting. They are tough and handle wind and rain well, but they do have some problems. These composition shingles are somewhat porous and can be compromised by mold or mildew, particularly when seal-downs are absent or have failed. ARC has the expertise to address these problems and provide appropriate answers for your aging or failing asphalt-shingled roof.


Cedar shakes are attractive and may add value to your property. The downside is that they are more costly and they must be maintained. They aren’t just attractive to us, but also to moss, lichen, and mold that destroy their strength. ARC knows how to maintain and repair this kind of roof, and it has answers for shakes degradation. Your ARC resource has answers that will enhance, protect, and maintain that cedar roof.

Metal Roofs

Recent innovations in metal roofing have made them very attractive because color coatings and custom textures add new dimensions to this kind of long-lasting roof. This roofing material has the capability of resisting the elements for fifty years in many cases. Proper installation using proprietary rubber grommets, establishing recommended overlap, and sealing adequately requires knowledgeable, trained installers like those at ARC, your resource for roofing repair in Sebastopol.

Concrete or Clay Tiles

The tile roof is visually appealing and has longevity built in. However, clay and concrete tiles do have susceptibility to moisture damage because of their porosity. Costs are higher, but roofing life may cover several human generations. Installation and repair need to be meticulous because of the linking and sealing process involved in laying a tight tile roof. Repair, renovation, or replacement can be accomplished with expertise by ARC.

The Repair Process Begins with a Comprehensive Assessment

To resolve a leaky roof, ARC needs to assess the situation. Where is water penetrating into the building’s interior? How long has leaking been present?

Leaking may not have shown up in the occupied interior until considerable mildew or rot had already damaged roofing support structures, such as beams and roofing support boards or plywood. If rot has been substantial, then roofing repair or replacement cannot proceed until those underlying support structures have been replaced, and mildew or mold has been neutralized.

Choice of Roofing Material

When a roof is repaired, similar materials should be used in the project to maintain aesthetics. If you are replacing your entire roof, however, then you have more freedom when it comes to choosing materials.

ARC’s restoration experts can evaluate the damage, create a recovery plan and execute our strategy quickly and professionally. The repair process and your consultation begin with a phone call to 415-529-5637.

Image from Virginia Metal Roofing on Flickr’s Creative Commons