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Has someone in your family struggled to clean a home or business in the wake of a disaster? If so, then you can appreciate how destructive Mother Nature can be.

For example, a single, brief earthquake may cause multiple leaks in aRoof Repair California 3 roof within a matter of seconds. Similarly, a fire can engulf a room or an entire home when the property owner is away. Wind, hail and heavy rains from passing storms can destroy shingles and other materials, leaving your home vulnerable to leaks.

Fortunately, ARC specializes in helping property owners who face these issues. If you require post-disaster roof cleanup, repair or replacement, contact Allied Restoration Company at 415-529-5637.

Our team of experienced, certified technicians will conduct a thorough inspection and evaluation of the premises following a catastrophe. Our services include fire and water damage cleanup and mold remediation, as well as roof repair and construction.

A Fast Response Can Reduce Your Expenses

This is true for almost every type of property damage: A fast response can save you money. Over time, roof leaks can worsen, which can exacerbate structural problems. Even a small leak can allow enough moisture to enter a home to cause mold growth. This is a health risk for everyone one the property.

Rohnert Park Roof Repair

Beautiful Rohnert Park in California remains subject to the sometimes fickle weather patterns and seismic conditions that impact the Golden State periodically. These adverse events include:

  • Earthquakes;
  • Fires;
  • And El Nino storm patterns.

ARC serves Rohnert Park and surrounding communities. When a calamity occurs here we offer immediate, qualified assistance.

Catastrophic Roof Damage during Natural Disasters

Under normal conditions, a customer may contact a roofing contractor because an aging, unsightly roof requires attention. Natural disasters, however, typically create far more significant, sudden damage.

These unwelcome events in some cases produce massive roofing problems. Left unchecked, a structure that survives a serious natural disaster may ultimately threaten the health and safety of residents.

Even property owners with seemingly sound roofs sometimes benefit by contacting a roofing restoration and repair company to evaluate the condition of a residence or commercial building in the wake of a natural disaster. Experienced, well-trained roofing experts possess the skills to detect damage that other people overlook.

Earthquake Hazards

Seismic activity generates a wide array of potential roofing issues. These include:

  • Missing sections of roof;
  • Broken or lost shingles;
  • Objects falling into roofs;
  • Fire damage from ruptured gas and electrical lines;
  • And interior gas leaks.

During one recent earthquake that struck Napa, tremors actually separated the wall of a church from its roof by more than a foot. Buildings that experience severe disruption may display a variety of structural issues.

ARC’s technicians perform experienced roofing repair in Rohnert Park. We’ll help you identify and restore or correct unsafe roof conditions that threaten health and safety. We’ll also endeavor to help you protect your long-term property value following disasters.


For instance, did you know that roofs in fire-stricken properties often sustain water damage too? Crews sometimes direct high volumes of water at eaves and rooftops. Responding fire departments may even cut holes into roofs and walls in the process of saving the structure.

Some standing structures have sustained roof damage after a blaze rages through an area. The potential concerns for property owners in this situation may include:

  • Smoke damage;
  • Burned joists;
  • Missing shingles;
  • Loose or torn flashing;
  • And leaks.

ARC helps restore properties after fires. We handle the messy cleanup.

Storm Damage

Storms frequently cause serious roof damage. Common problems include:

  • Missing or loose shingles;
  • Loose, torn or lost flashing;
  • And multiple pinpoint surface cavities caused by hail and debris.

ARC’s experts can identify these and other issues and initiate corrective action following a storm. We are ready to assist property owners in avoiding long-term problems caused by undetected leaks.

Post-Disaster Roofing Experts

The teams working for Allied Restoration Company include professionals with training in medicine, microbiology, environmental health, engineering and other fields. Our technicians also hold IIRC certifications.

Available on a 24-Hour Basis

If you require expert roof restoration and repair services after a disaster, call Allied Restoration Company at 415-529-5637. We’ll respond to your request for assistance quickly and courteously at any hour of the day or night.

Image by Shankhapani Andrez from Flickr’s Creative Commons