Allied Restoration Company: Expert Roof Repair in Sonoma

Professional Roof Repair in Sonoma, California

If your roof experiences damage during a natural disaster, you should consider obtaining expert assistance from Allied Restoration Company. We’ll perform a thorough inspection and cleanup of the premises, as well as identify and fix both immediate and long-term roofing system damage.

Our company serves business and residential property owners in Roof Repair in California 2Sonoma, Calif. and surrounding areas. We know this community well, and we understand the particular needs of local homes.

To request our services at any hour of the day or night, simply call 415-529-5637. We maintain flexible schedules to assist clients who face a variety of disaster-related roofing issues.

A Highly Specialized Field

Today, some owners seek to restore real estate properties following unforeseen calamities. They will often pursue specialized professional help from roofing experts trained in post-disaster cleanup and restoration techniques. A general roofing contractor usually does not possess this advanced training.

A catastrophic event could cause multiple, ongoing roofing system problems within a relatively brief period. The deterioration resulting from normal wear and tear does not typically occur within a similar time frame.

For example, seismic activity may cause sudden, multiple unseen leaks inside a roof, along with some visible holes which may never have happened under regular wear and tear. It can even result in fire damage in certain locations.

Roofing Repair in Sonoma, California

Sonoma, Calif., sometimes experiences unexpected environmental extremes that damage roofs. From earthquakes and fires, to heavy downpours and floods, a wide array of potential hazards impact local roofing systems.

The Benefits of Using ARC

What benefits do clients obtain by using Allied Restoration Company’s roofing services following a natural disaster? ARC provides a number of advantages, including:

  • Comprehensive cleanup and restoration services;
  • Experienced technicians;
  • Input from a multidisciplinary team of roofing experts;
  • Certified restoration services;
  • Responsive around-the-clock customer service.

When an unwelcome catastrophe strikes and your home or business requires efficient, effective roof cleanup and restoration or replacement assistance, you can entrust us with this responsibility. We’ll provide cutting-edge comprehensive, experienced, expert, certified and responsive services.

Comprehensive Service

As experts in the field of post-disaster restoration, we view the roofing system as an integral part of an entire structure, unlike some roofing contractors. We’ll pay close attention to other issues that impact your health and safety during the process of roof cleanup and repair.

For example, in addition to performing water and fire damage cleanup services, ARC’s personnel also work in the field of mold remediation. We won’t limit our cleanup efforts to impacted roofs alone- we’ll look at the entire living environment as a comprehensive unit.

Experienced Crew

ARC offers more than 20 years’ experience in helping business and residential clients. We’ve worked with numerous types of roofing materials.

Our extensive experience in California in the field of roof cleanup and restoration enables us to focus quickly on the most pervasive types of roofing problems encountered following a natural disaster. Our technicians address these issues quickly, confidently and professionally.

Industry Expertise

Our personnel work as a multi-disciplinary unit to address roof problems. Teams include physicians, engineers, public health practitioners and certified restoration trainers.

Skill Certifications

Allied Restoration Company holds a certificate issued by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration. We specialize in the field of restoration roofing.

We’ll assist home and business owners following any type of massive or isolated natural disaster. If you require an inspection and professional evaluation of your roofing system after a flood, a fire, an earthquake, a severe windstorm, or any other disruptive event, we possess the credentials to address your concerns.

Responsive, 24/7 Customer Service

When property owners contact ARC for professional restoration services, we make ourselves available for a timely response. Feel free to call our Customer Service Department at any hour of the day or night to schedule an appointment with ARC.

ARC strives to protect the interests of Sonoma property owners. We can inspect, restore or replace your roof as necessary.

Why Clients Rely on ARC?

Residents of Sonoma trust ARC to provide comprehensive roof cleanup, restoration and repair services following disasters thanks to our expertise and successful track-record. Contact us at 415-529-5637 to learn more about our restoration services.

Image from Virginia Metal Roofing on Flickr’s Creative Commons