What You Need to Know About Renters Insurance Claims and Corte Madera Earthquake Damage

Posted on: November 4, 2014 | By: Michael T. | corte madera CA, renters insurance

Corte Madera Earthquake Damage

What You Need to Know About Renters Insurance Claims and Corte Madera Earthquake Damage

Personal property is often at risk. Fire, theft, flooding, explosion, wind, rain, lightning, and vandalism – these are only some of the threats renters face in Corte Madera. Renters insurance protects tenants from the loss of valuables, and provides liability cover in the event of another person being injured or their property damaged. You are also protected against theft elsewhere, by as much as 10 percent of your coverage limit.

In the case of earthquakes, however, homeowners in Corte Madera need to purchase a separate insurance policy. As renters are not responsible for insuring any buildings, their personal property may be covered by their renter’s insurance provider. Due to the fact that this is a high-risk area for seismic activity, it is wise to secure your valuables as best you can. Allied Restoration Company is available for advice on how to protect your belongings inside the residence. Call us on 415-529-5637.

How Long Will It Take?

whatsrenter-insurance-cover0The sooner you contact your insurance provider, the faster the process will go. Once a claim is filed, insurance adjusters usually respond within two or three days. Renters will receive phone authorization to begin with temporary repairs. This will prevent any further damage from occurring, which is also why it is vital to make contact quickly.

What Do You Need?

According to San Francisco Gate, the process will be much smoother if you can provide what is required. Your renter’s insurance carrier will need your home address, policy number, a clear description of what transpired, the damage type that occurred and the estimated date and time of the incident. Theft and vandalism cases will require a police report number.

Do Your Valuables Require Identification?

All personal property that you wish to recover must be identified, and proof must be sent to your insurance company. Copies of receipts, lists of items, model numbers, photographs and previously obtained valuations are desirable. It is always a good idea to store these records elsewhere: electronic accounts and safe deposit boxes are excellent examples.

What Should You Consider Before Filing a Claim?

The Insurance Information Institute states that premiums increase after a claim is filed, and you should only claim when absolutely necessary. In addition, compensation is only paid once you pay the deductible. If your claim is small, it might be intelligent to pay it all yourself. If not, you will pay surcharges, and gain little relief after the deductible is paid.

What Is the Potential for a Quick Payout?

The insurance adjuster will require several validated quotes before you receive any compensation. If you are able to provide qualified estimates immediately, the whole process will be expedited. Once the damage has been assessed, and the adjuster deems the quotes reasonable, you will receive your payout.

Should You Seek Expert Advice for Corte Madera Earthquake Damage?

If the damage is severe enough, and if the property puts you in any danger, it is recommended that you get help. Get out of the house and shelter in a safe place, especially in the case of chronic property damage due to earthquakes, floods, wildfires or hurricanes. Then you should phone experts to repair any dangers, such as electrical faults and gas leaks.

Earthquake damage in Corte Madera is a very real threat, along with floods and fires. These are well-known natural forces that wreak havoc to personal possessions. Such events can completely destroy people’s lives, making renters insurance a wise choice. For tips to help keep your personal property safe during any catastrophe, call Allied Restoration Company today on 415-529-5637.