Mold Damage and Restoration in West of Twin Peaks

Mold is a serious problem for any West of Twin Peaks homeowner and should be addressed as soon as it is discovered. Some make a common mistake when assuming mold only affects basements or attics, but the presence of moisture anywhere in your home can cause spores to spread throughout your house. This leads to more problems, including the threat of black mold, which can compromise the health of everyone in your home.

Mold remediation is the only efficient way to identify the problem, remove it, and prevent further spread. Mold can be caused by slow-leak water damage, plumbing failures, or leaking roofs. We will inspect your home by taking an air sample and doing a moisture inspection to precisely locate and isolate the area where spores may be forming. We will provide an estimate and create a step-by-step plan with you to begin affordable mold remediation. Post-remediation, we will inspect the air again to ensure all mold spores are gone, so you can rest assured.

If you suspect that your West of Twin Peaks home is contaminated by mold, contact Allied Restoration as soon as possible so our experts can determine the origin and extent of mold contamination. Call us today at 415-529-5637 to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.