Mold Damage and Restoration in Bernal Heights

The ease with which mold can spread through your Bernal Heights home can be frightening. Any home with a form of central air and heating system is susceptible to the quick spread of dangerous mold spores. Active mold sites frequently release spores. These travel easily through the air, often finding moist areas in the bathroom or kitchen sinks, bathtubs, toilets or other fixtures to land on and begin another area of growth. The cycle repeats, causing more health issues to everyone in your home.

We will inspect your home by taking an air sample and doing a moisture inspection to precisely locate and isolate the area where spores may be present. We will provide an estimate and create a step-by-step plan with you to begin an affordable mold remediation procedure. Post-remediation, we will once again inspect the air to ensure all mold spores are eradicated.

If you need mold remediation service in your Bernal Heights neighborhood home, call us today at (415) 529-5637 to have one of our experts test your home and begin the mold elimination process.