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Fires are often catastrophic. For many people, the weeks and months that follow a fire are a nightmare. Even fires that do not destroy an entire structure could have long-lasting consequences – particularly if smoke and water damage exists.

Smoke Damage Repair

The process of restoring or repairing a home after a fire is long and tiresome, particularly if you try to handle the project on your own. While you may think you have covered all of the bases, only an expert can provide a comprehensive repair program.

At Allied Restoration Company, we can assist you with all aspects of Marin fire and smoke damage repair. To schedule an inspection and learn how we can assist, call us today at 415-529-5637.

What to Do after a Fire

Fires happen quickly, and they can cause immediate damage to a property or anyone inside. If a fire occurs, contact the appropriate emergency services. A fire crew will extinguish the blaze and secure the location.

Once the fire crews put out the fire, they may leave behind a building that is not safe. Apart from serious structural damage that may be obvious, there are other hidden dangers that only an experienced restoration crew can identify.

ARC is here to assist you with your Marin smoke damage clean up. The sooner we can get on the job, the sooner we can secure the building and prepare for your return. We have a diverse team of professionals, including microbial investigators, public health practitioners, certified restoration trainers and mechanical ventilation engineers, who will cover all aspects of the process.

We will schedule an appointment to evaluate your property, and we can provide you with an estimate of the repair and restoration process. If you are insured, but do not know how to handle the claims process, we can also assist you with that.

Marin Fire Damage Restoration

Following a fire, a fast response makes all the difference. At ARC we prioritize your case and help ease stress during an overwhelming time. Do not try and take on the task alone — using the services of a company such as ARC will not only alleviate the pressure on you and your family, it will also ensure that you do not make any errors along the way.

Our technicians restore damage following a range of natural disasters, including fires and floods. We also have certifications from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certifications, and you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands.

ARC technicians evaluate all aspects of the fire, including flame, water and smoke damage. We will advise you on what aspects of your building we can salvage or restore, and we will work to ensure you will return to a building safe for habitation.

Why Contact an Experienced Marin Smoke Damage Cleanup Team?

While you may think fire damage is all about flames and potential structural faults, there are many hidden dangers that only an experienced cleanup team can repair and cleanup. Apart from the danger of an unstable foundation, smoke and water damage pose a significant risk.

In many cases, smoke and water damage is not immediately visible to the untrained eye. When homeowners who choose not to consult with an expert repair team do eventually notice the impact of smoke and water damage, it may be more expensive and time consuming to repair.

Smoke can linger in a house or building for many months and result in serious respiratory complaints for residents. Even if emergency crews quickly extinguished the fire, water from fire hoses can cause hidden damage, including mold buildup over the subsequent months.

Smoke Damage Cleaning in Marin

ARC’s fire remediation service takes all fire damage possibilities into account. Many people are unaware that smoke can impact on electrical connections, which puts a household at risk of a subsequent fire. This is one aspect of fires that many home and business owners, who are victims of fires, overlook.

An experienced smoke damage repair team knows how to spot and remove smoke residue, so that the building’s occupants do not suffer from complications weeks or months later.

Fire Damage Cleaning in Marin

Do not take a risk with your property after a fire. Hidden dangers can leave you at risk. ARC knows how to identify and resolve all issues following a fire, and we can help you get your life back to normal after a devastating fire. To speak to a fire damage professional today, call ARC at 415-529-5637.