Maple Hardwood Floor

Maple Hardwood Floor Installation, Repair and Refinishing in San Francisco

Many home- and business owners in the Bay Area have come to enjoy the unique beauty and elegance of maple hardwood floors. With a natural tone and a smooth yet textured grain, a maple floor can complement almost any interior.

Maple is a multi-purpose flooring material. It offers pleasing aesthetics and a functional, mature look, which makes it a great choice for bedrooms, living rooms and even kitchens.

Allied Restoration Company offers installation, repair and refinishing services for maple hardwood floors in both residential and commercial properties. If you would like to learn more about our services, or if you want to schedule a property assessment, call us today at 415-529-5637.

Maple Hardwood Floors for Residential and Commercial Properties in San Francisco

Maple is a bright, pleasant and durable hardwood, making it suitable for various flooring applications. Its natural color and striations look great in large, open spaces.

This wood is also popular due to its versatility. It absorbs stains easily to create a perfectly natural and customizable look. Homeowners concerned with finding the perfect flooring option to complement a recent renovation, or one that will work with a more traditional style in an older house, should consider maple hardwood floors.

With a straight grain pattern, maple also works well in more professional settings. For businesses, maple hardwood floors will impress both employees and customers, and they are easier to maintain than most carpets and tile floors.

Repair and Refinishing Services for Maple Floors

Allied Restoration Company offers complete repair and refinishing services for maple flooring. Whether you need to replace a few cracked boards, or you require a complete refinish or installation, our team of professional hardwood floor and restoration experts can complete the job on time and within budget.

The refinishing process starts with a floor assessment. Your contractor will determine if any repairs are necessary. After listening to your goals, we will create a plan to restore the wood back to its original beauty.

Our contractors have experience working with older, antique floors, which are common in San Francisco. They also understand how to restore properties after water or fire damage. With a 24/7 response line, we can get to your project as soon as possible.

Tips on Caring for Maple Hardwood Floors

Maple is a low-maintenance wood. Even in high-traffic areas, maple only needs to be refinished every five to seven years. Little more than a broom or vacuum is necessary to prevent dirt and dust from eroding the floor.

Due to its resistance to mold and bacteria, maple is very easy to keep sanitary. However, property owners should clean water spills as soon as possible. You should mop up liquids quickly to prevent damage to the finish and wood.

It is always best to ask your contractor for advice regarding floor maintenance. Each floor is unique, and it takes professional knowledge to understand how the stain or finish affects the proper cleaning technique. Improper use of harsh chemicals can erode a finish and damage the flooring underneath.

As with any hardwood floor, it is a smart idea to place felt pads under furniture. This can make moving tables and chairs easier, and reduce the chance of scratching the floorboards.

Do not walk on a new hardwood floor for at least 48 hours. The finish needs time to dry. Also, minimize foot traffic, especially from pets, for at least a month.

Maple Hardwood Flooring Services in San Francisco

Allied Restoration Company is an IIRC-certified and licensed contractor. We have the experience and resources necessary to restore old, damaged maple floors back to their original condition.

Don’t hesitate to call us for more information about residential and commercial flooring services. We’ve worked with countless home- and business owners in San Francisco, and we can provide a budget-friendly estimate that covers repairs, refinishing or installation. Call us today at 415-529-5637.