Laminate Floor Installation, Repair and Replacement in San Francisco

Laminate Floor Installation, Repair and Replacement in San Francisco

Laminate flooring offers the look and impression of hardwood flooring—but at much lower cost. Laminate wood flooring is made from a multi-layer resin and fiber compound that, in some cases, might be more suitable for a room than wood. In the Bay Area, it is popular in commercial and residential kitchens due to its hygienic properties.

Laminate wood flooring features a top veneer that can resemble any type of wood grain. This gives home- and business owners plenty of options when it comes to the color and texture. This versatility is one of the reasons why it is such a popular material.

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Laminate Floor Installation for Homes and Businesses in San Francisco

With the beauty and durability of wood, laminate flooring can complement almost any interior. The installation process involves placing laminate panels via tongue-in-groove construction. In some cases, the contractor may glue down the panels to prevent shifting.

Laminate floors are a great option for high-traffic areas in homes. Though they may not have the same lifespan of wood, homeowners can enjoy the visual appeal of figured wood grain without having to worry about scratching or damaging expensive flooring.

Hardwood floors are great for businesses, but they can also be a costly investment. Depending on the type of business, hardwood might require frequent refinishing in order to maintain its luster. Laminate flooring, however, offers the aesthetics of wood at a cheaper overall cost, and it requires far less maintenance than carpet and other materials.

Proper Care and Maintenance for Laminate Flooring

Most floors—no matter the material—experience a lot of wear and tear over time. This is especially true in the case of homes with children and pets, and businesses that experience a lot of foot traffic. As a result, it is important to practice responsible maintenance for laminate floors. This will increase the lifespan and preserve its aesthetic appeal.

Similar to wood, laminate flooring is prone to scratches if dirt, dust and other debris build up. You can prevent this by vacuuming and sweeping regularly.

Depending on the furniture in the room, it may be smart to invest in couches, tables and chairs that allow for easy cleaning underneath. At some point, any dust trapped under furniture will make its way to the floor, which can erode the laminate over time.

Laminate flooring can handle water spills well if you clean the mess as soon as possible. It is important never to allow liquids to sit and soak underneath the floor, because this may warp and damage the panels.

Additionally, you should avoid mopping or using oil soaps and harsh chemicals to clean the floor. Always ask your contractor which cleaning methods are best for your specific floor materials.

You can preserve the beauty of your laminate flooring by taking some preventive measures, such as placing felt pads under the feet and edges of furniture to avoid scratches. It is also advisable not to walk on laminate with heavy shoes or stiletto heels.

Also, keep your pets’ nails trimmed. This will give them the freedom to come and go without scratching or scuffing the floor.

For the most part, you should care for a laminate floor the same way you would maintain a real hardwood floor. In addition to basic sweeping, mopping and preventative measures, be sure to limit the floor’s exposure to direct sunlight, because strong UV rays can dull the appearance.

Laminate Floor Services in San Francisco

If you want to install a laminate floor in your home or business, Allied Restoration Company can help. Our licensed and insured contractors will assess your property, discuss your goals and provide recommendations for a floor that will beat your expectations without breaking your budget.

We also offer comprehensive restoration services to repair damage from floods, fires and other disasters. If you have any questions or would like an estimate, call us today at 415-529-5637.