How to Avoid Permanent Property Damage with Fire and Water Cleanup

Posted on: March 28, 2021 | By: Michael T. | Uncategorized

While property damage to someone’s home or business may not be something everyone experiences, there is always a chance it can happen to you. Although the implication of fire or water damage occurring can take a toll on your home or building, what you do when it happens may mean the difference between a temporary problem and a long-term one. Follow along as we examine how to avoid permanent property damage with fire and water cleanup.

Fire Damage
Fires within a home or business burn any material it can use as fuel, such as wood, paper, furniture, and other items. When fire burns these objects as fuel, there is not much you can do to avoid needing replacements. However, fire damage is not the only concern when considering a fire within a building.

Much damage comes from the smoke that is generated by fire. Smoke travels throughout your property and leaves soot and an odor that can permanently stain every time in your home if not cleaned off properly. The best way to keep smoke from becoming permanent property damage is to remove any residue from the smoke right away.

To remove soot and stains from smoke, a solution of water and bleach will work to remove not only the soot but also help to reduce the odor from the fire also.

Water Damage
Water damage caused by extinguishing a fire, a flood, or a burst pipe is extremely important to clean up before permanent property damage occurs. When most of us enter a home or building that has been inundated with water, we only see the tip of the proverbial iceberg, as most of the damage will occur where you cannot see.

Once water enters a building, it will find the lowest points to settle. This means water will run into the floors and under the baseboards within the walls before puddling. Many people only think of the moisture from furniture, carpet, and other objects but do not check where most of the moisture has collected.

Leaving water within the floors and walls of a building gives mold and diseases a place to thrive. Left to its own, the health hazards produced will eventually affect your family’s health or your business employee’s wellbeing.

How to Remove Both Fire and Water Damage
With the amount of smoke and water that spreads into a home during a disaster such as from a fire or flooding, it is almost always a large task to remove them from your building. Professional fire and restoration companies are available to help any family or business put their lives back together after one of these disasters.

Professional restoration companies have the state-of-the-art equipment to locate moisture points, dry your property thoroughly, and remove any smoke and/or soot residue leftover from a fire. Taking on this task requires a Herculean effort. Professionals have this equipment available to them, and they specialize in the proper disposal and restoration of fire and water damaged properties. If you experience a fire or water disaster, call in the experts to help.