Heavy Winds Knock out Power and Cause Property Damage in San Francisco

Posted on: February 7, 2015 | By: Michael T. | property damage, property damage restoration

Heavy Winds Knock out Power and Cause Property Damage in San Francisco

Hundreds of people in the Bay Area welcomed the New Year with property damage from high winds during December. The storms caused trees to collapse on cars and houses, and poles to fall. Thousands of residents faced power outages, and the winds caused a chain-reaction that resulted in eight broken power lines, which scattered darkness across San Francisco.

Homeowner’s Insurance Claims Frequently Asked Questions San FranciscoAccording to NBC Bay Area, strong gusts continued to wreak havoc for at least 24 hours, and residents huddled in their homes to escape the fury and extremely cold temperatures. This follows a massive 6.0 earthquake that hit the Bay Area in Aug. 2014. Residents are still recovering from its widespread damage to property. Thanks to these disasters, more California residents are considering investing in comprehensive home insurance.

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More Reports about the Recent Destruction in San Francisco

San Jose’s Silver Creek neighborhood sat in the dark for hours as multiple power poles were completely out of commission. The windstorm twisted sturdy metal poles and sabotaged the electrical supply. PG & E crews worked tirelessly throughout the night to restore power to Silver Creek residents, but more than 620 homes remained without electricity until the next day.

In Burlingame, powerful winds uprooted two massive trees, causing delays at the busy intersection of El Camino Real and Broadway. One of the trees hit a resident’s home, and while the wife was understandably upset, the family was just happy that nobody was injured. The National Weather Service announced wind advisories for the coastal and valley areas of San Francisco, including Santa Cruz County, to prepare residents for the catastrophic windstorm.

A huge tree fell onto Beach Road in the East Bay. It was a 100-year-old Eucalyptus that was 100 feet tall. It landed a few short inches from several homes.

A man nearly lost his truck under the giant tree. He explained that the gust actually looked like a physical entity with winds howling at more than 40 miles an hour. Crews had to break down the tree with axes as it was too large to move with equipment. It took them nearly 3 days to clear it from the road.

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