Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing in San Francisco

There are few experiences more satisfying than seeing a newly refinished hardwood floor. For businesses, refinished floors offer a fresh look that impresses customers. For homeowners, a newly refinished floor adds a level of luster and elegance twalnut-wood-floorshat will enhance the style of any interior space.

Hardwood is one of the most attractive and durable flooring materials, but at some point, it will require refinishing. This may be necessary after an accident, flood or fire has damaged the floor, and general wear and tear can also take their toll over time.

The benefits of refinishing extend beyond the aesthetics. Without refinishing, the wood can erode and eventually require repair or replacement. Responsible care and refinishing can save you money in the long-run by preventing damage to the hardwood.

Allied Restoration Company provides complete hardwood floor installation, repair and refinishing services in the Bay Area. Whether the floor is young or old, or if it has experienced recent damage from a flood or fire, we can restore your property back to its original, pristine condition. To discuss your project with one of our contractors, call our 24/7 response line at 415-529-5637.

Wood Floor Refinishing Services for Commercial and Residential Properties in San Francisco

Poorly maintained hardwood floors create an unpleasant look. For businesses, an unattractive floor looks unprofessional, but a newly refinished floor shows customers that you care about details and value quality.

Hardwood floors in need of repair can also present a potential safety hazard. Loose, weak or brittle floorboards can easily break when stepped on. This may cause injuries that could lead to a potential lawsuit. Before refinishing your floor, our contractors will inspect the quality of the floorboards to spot any areas that need repairs or replacement.

For homeowners, new finishes can protect older floorboards in vintage houses, and they can add value to your property. Refinishing restores life and luster to older wood, which makes the living space more comfortable and inviting.

Hallways, areas near doors and other places that experience high amounts of foot traffic wear down quicker than other parts of the home. Our contractors will pay special attention to these areas.

Why Hire a Hardwood Floor Refinishing Company?

Some home- and business owners try to refinish their own hardwood floors. Though it may seem like this method could save money, there’s no substitute for professional refinishing. An experienced contractor can determine:

  • If the entire floor needs refinishing
  • Whether or not any floorboards require replacement
  • How to strip the old finish
  • How to apply the new finish correctly
  • Which finish option is best for your unique interior

Refinishing a hardwood floor, especially in an older building, is not a DIY job. If done incorrectly, you can completely destroy the hardwood. Hiring a professional contractor can save you time, ensure an excellent outcome and potentially save you money in the long-run.

Caring for Refinished Hardwood Floors

Refinishing a hardwood floor will give it a fresh, new look—as if the floorboards themselves were new. If you want to maintain this appearance, it is important to practice responsible maintenance.

Be sure to wait a few days before walking on the wood, and place felt pads on the bottom of all furniture. By taking the proper steps, you can lengthen the lifespan of your hardwood floor.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services in San Francisco

As an experienced, licensed and IIRC-certified restoration company, Allied Restoration can repair your hardwood floors from start to finish. Our team is ready to tackle any job, whether it’s a worn down floor from years of traffic, or an area that has experienced recent flooding or a fire.

If your hardwood floors are in need of repair or refinishing, contact Allied Restoration Company today at 415-529-5637. We can provide a budget-friendly estimate based on the details of your wood floor and your goals.