Hardwood Floor Installation, Replacement and Repair in San Francisco

Hardwood Floor Installation

The value and visual appeal of hardwood floors have made them a staple for interior designers around the world. With a number of different wood and finish options available, home- and business owners can install a hardwood floor to match just about any interior.

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Hardwood Floors for San Francisco Homes and Businesses

Hardwood floors are just as beautiful as they are durable and functional. Deeply figured hardwood floors can even
boost the value of a property.Hardwood-floor-installation

Hardwood floors require less maintenance than carpet and other materials, which is one reason why they are so popular for residential and commercial spaces. They also offer a visual impact that concrete and tile just can’t match. With a professional installation or refinishing, your new floor will impress guests and add a level of elegance to your interior.

Caring and Maintenance for Hardwood Floors

There are several ways home- and business owners can lengthen the life of hardwood flooring. Maintenance is easy, and you should practice responsible care immediately after the installation, repair or refinishing project completes.

It is important to allow hardwood floors to dry for up to two days before walking on them or moving furniture back into the room. Also, place felt pads under all furniture to prevent scratching. Additionally, be sure to wait a month after the finish has dried before placing any area rugs.

Cleaning hardwood floors is simple. All you need are a microfiber duster and a vacuum cleaner with soft-tip attachments to remove dust and dirt. Never use any harsh cleaners such as ammonia, oil soaps and other chemicals. Also, it is not necessary to wet mop a hardwood floor.

A little-known method for preserving the lifespan of a hardwood floor’s finish is to limit its exposure to sunlight. Consider installing heavy curtains in the room to block UV rays during the early mornings, when the sun may be at its strongest.

Hardwood Floor Repair and Refinishing

Allied Restoration Company offers professional hardwood floor repair and refinishing services in San Francisco. Whether the job involves fixing cracks, holes or broken planks, or just a few touch-ups, we can restore your floor at an affordable cost.

Renewed parquet flooring
Oak wood floor refinishing

Refinishing a hardwood floor is a simple and cost-effective way to improve both the aesthetics and value of a property. If you are not sure if your floor needs to be refinished, just ask one of our expert contractors during your property assessment.

Our team can also reverse any floor damage that resulted from floods or fires. We use modern tools and techniques, including dehumidification, to restore properties to their pre-disaster condition.

With a 24/7 emergency line, Allied Restoration Company can provide timely response. This is especially important after a fire or flood has damaged your floor. A fast, professional response can prevent the damage from spreading, which can keep your family or customers safe while minimizing the overall restoration costs.

Wood and Finish Selection

Our contractors can install and repair a variety of different woods and finishes. We have handled countless restoration projects in the Bay Area, so we have the knowledge to recommend the ideal hardwood material, stain and finish to meet your goals.

Maple flooring is a popular choice due to its mold-resistant properties and its ability to absorb stains. Similarly, oak floors stain well and have a beautiful, tight grain pattern that offers a classic look.

Darker colors, such as birch and walnut, are also popular due to their bolder hue. Both of these woods can work with either modern or traditional styles—especially in rooms with darker furniture.

Hardwood Floor Services in San Francisco

There are few experiences more satisfying than seeing a freshly stained or brand-new hardwood floor. To get started, call Allied Restoration Company today at 415-529-5637.