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Fire and Smoke Damage Repair in Chinatown

Fire and Smoke Damage Repair in Chinatown
Experiencing a house fire in your Chinatown home can be a disastrous event. There is loss of property, possible health risks, and the unknown cost to repair and restore your home to its former glory. Many homeowners don’t know who to call to start the clean up process when fire and smoke damage has occurred.

After the fire is out, a homeowner should relocate to a safe place and call their insurance company. Then, a comprehensive assessment of the damage should be done by a professional from Allied Restoration Co. They will inspect and identify all areas of your home that have been affected and consult with you to come up with a detailed plan to restore your home to its pre-fire damage condition.

Our professionals at Allied Restoration Co. will help restore your Chinatown neighborhood home and belongings. We are able to refinish, sanitize, deodorize, and clean your home and help you recover from the devastating impact of fire and smoke damage. Call us today at (415) 529-5637.