Deck Installation: Is It Legal for Your San Francisco Home?

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Deck Installation: Is It Legal for Your San Francisco Home?

This Old House reminds readers that having a deck is a long-standing American tradition, and while it is illegal to build one without planning or permission, you can apply for a building permit. Depending on your zoning district and the size of the project, your permit may require notifying your neighbors and environmental agencies, as well as other steps.

Custom Deck Building & Repair San FranciscoSuccessful deck building in San Francisco requires early planning, and before you submit your application, you should ensure you meet the requirements of the Department of Building Inspection. San Francisco Flood Repair has a team of experts available to help you plan and build your new deck. Call us today at 415-529-5637 to help you understand the legal requirements.

How do local laws affect deck building?

The San Francisco Planning Department regulates the installation of new decks. San Francisco features zoning districts that maintain the purpose and character of different areas. Knowing your zone tells you whether you can build a deck or if you need to meet conditional requirements. Additionally, your zone determines other legal rules to follow, such as land-use regulations for building projects.

Besides zoning and land use, other regulations exist. Your application must meet the criteria of the San Francisco General Plan, the San Francisco Municipal Code and all policies regarding environmental impact of new constructions and the historical importance of your property as well as regulations related to neighborhood notification and buildable areas of property.

Requirements for Neighborhood Notification

You must notify your neighborhood if your planned deck, and access to it, will not fall within the legal buildable area of your property. The proposed project requires approval from your adjacent neighbors, and after they receive notification, they have 10 days to voice any concerns. Those that live within 150 feet of your proposed project have 30 days to object.

Buildable Area of the Property

The San Francisco Planning Code requires homeowners to adhere to height limits, perimeter spaces and yard setbacks when building onto their properties, and your zoning district establishes these measurements. Any construction outside of these restrictions falls out of your buildable area, and to obtain permission for the project, you must meet other conditional requirements, such as minimal environmental impact.

San Francisco Deck Repair

The team at San Francisco Flood Repair not only builds decks with pride, they also repair damaged decks. Our technicians are Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certified (IIRC), so we have extensive knowledge about modern restoration and building protocols. Call us today at 415-529-5637.