Checklist of things to consider while dealing with your Insurance claim.

Posted on: December 11, 2018 | By: Michael T. | Uncategorized

The following is a checklist of things to consider while dealing with your Insurance claim.

  1. Have I presented my claim to the insurance Company in the most accurate/favorable light possible?
  2. Have I Claimed all damages under all coverages?
    Coverage A Dwelling
    Coverage B Other Structures
    Coverage C Contents/Personal Property
    Coverage D Loss of Use/Additional Living Expenses
    What about additional coverages and sublimit?
    Debris removal?
  3. What evidence do I have to convince the Insurance Company to pay my claim?
  4. Have I had moisture mapping done on my house?insurance
  5. Have I had a mold test performed?
  6. Do I have an Engineer report that addresses every part of my house? The roof, the foundation, the windows, doors, flooring, trusses, rafters, siding, walls etc.
  7. Do I have an itemized very detailed estimate of all my damages for the dwelling, other structures, contents, A L E, etc.?
  8. Have I itemized every single piece of personal property and furniture with pricing or hired a company to do it? Are my undamaged/ salvageable contents stored in a safe climate controlled place?
  9. Have I documented and provided every dollar spent in excess of what I usually spend that was this disaster(water, fire , mold , Earthquake etc) ? Have I documented every penny that I lost due to this disaster(water, fire , mold , Earthquake etc)
  10. Have I filled out and submitted a proof of loss?
  11. Have I thought about and addressed any unseen damages or typically unnoticeable damages such as wood swelling, water behind the walls/other building materials, Category 3 damages to materials that otherwise look okay?
  12. Have I mitigated all of my damages?
  13. Have I consulted with Allied Restoration Company Inc to help with this?