What Is a California Independent Insurance Claim Reviewer?

Posted on: November 4, 2014 | By: Michael T. | fair property damage repair

Fair insurance claim settlement Marin CA

scales of justiceFiling claims for insurance companies can be a mammoth task. Records of lost items are required, paperwork is exponential, and payouts are often disappointing. In Marin City, residents are scrambling to recover losses to property after the Aug. 24 Napa Valley earthquake. Providers are swamped with insurance claims, and they do not have your best interests in mind.

Public insurance adjusters in Marin City exist to represent you. They undergo continuing education to ensure the public receives the compensation they deserve. The language of insurance can be technical gibberish to the average person, and companies have their own experts to find problems with your claim. To find out how to make your property more secure, and prevent severe damage during a future catastrophe, contact Allied Restoration Company on 415-529-5637.

What Is the Role of a Public Adjuster?

Public insurance adjusters are licensed to represent the insured, and not the company the policy was purchased from. Their sole purpose is to help you file an insurance claim so that you receive as much as possible. They will calculate the coverage that applies and settle the claim for you. They are also adept at handling insurance complaints. However, they only deal with property claims, regardless of what caused the building to become damaged.

How Do You Find a Reputable Public Adjuster?

It is better to hire a public insurance adjuster at the beginning of a claim, although their services are available at any time during the process. According to the California Department of Insurance, you must ensure the person you hire is licensed. If you require the services of an adjuster, look for the following credentials:

  • Has a professional website;
  • is aware of the local housing regulations and the costs of rebuilding in your area;
  • they must be a member of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA);
  • charges a reasonable percentage of your total claim amount, which is usually between five and 12 percent;
  • is happy for you to take your time, instead of pressuring you for a quick result.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Public Adjuster?

Statistically, more money is received when a public adjuster is hired. Higher settlements are in your favor, and you will still have more cash to repair to your property after their fee is settled. This is not the only advantage though: public adjusters have the knowledge necessary to cut through red tape and ensure payouts occur quickly. They are also able to negotiate a satisfactory settlement if the claim was unjustly denied. The California Association of Public Insurance Adjusters reports that their minimal fee is deducted directly from reimbursement of the claim, and not before payment is made.

fair-property-damage-insurance-claim-settlement-Marin-CA-9-300x200While you can certainly file a claim yourself, it is a lengthy and tricky process. Fighting with insurance companies is painful at best, and you do not want to lose compensation when you need it most. In the case of small insurance claims in Marin City, a public adjuster may not be necessary. However, larger claims are best handled by those that speak the insurance language. Call Allied Restoration Company on 415-529-5637 to find out how to reduce your current insurance premiums with an independent insurance claim reviewer.