Birch Hardwood Floor Repair, Refinishing and Installation in San Francisco

Birch hardwood floor services

Birch Hardwood Floor Repair, Refinishing and Installation in San Franciscobirch-wood-floor

Birch hardwood floors offer a striking color and grain pattern, making them an attractive alternative to maple and oak. Birch matches the strength and durability of other woods but offers a classic look that you can customize with different finishes and stains.

Because birch wood is a common material for constructing furniture, such as chairs, tables and desks, it can match a variety of home interiors. Birch also offers a professional appearance for businesses and offices.

If you want to install a birch hardwood floor in your San Francisco property, or if you need repairs or refinishing, contact Allied Restoration Company. We’ve helped countless customers in the Bay Area achieve their interior design goals. Our response line is available 24/7 at 415-529-5637.

Birch Hardwood Flooring for Homes and Businesses in San Francisco

Birch wood’s almond color can complement both modern and antique interiors. There are several different shades to match specific color themes. Birch’s straight, fine grain is punctuated by swirling, wavy patterns that can enhance the style of just about any room.

Birch is a great choice for business owners who want a wood floor that looks professional and offers a unique visual appeal. With a long lifespan, birch hardwood is a cost-effective investment.

For homeowners, birch floors offer both durability and aesthetic appeal. They are perfect for high-traffic areas such as hallways and living rooms.

Refinishing and Disaster Response for Birch Floors

Floods, sewage spills and fires can erode a floor’s finish and damage the wood. Even minor water spills can cause severe damage to a hardwood floor—especially if you delay drying and repairs. If your property has experienced a flood, contact Allied Restoration as soon as possible. Letting water sit can cause the wood to crack and buckle.

If you have an older, antique birch floor, our team offers professional refinishing services. This can protect the material and restore the floor’s original luster.

How to Maintain Birch Hardwood Floors

After installing or refinishing any type of hardwood, it is best to minimize or completely avoid walking on the floor for at least 48 hours. The finish needs time to dry. We advise waiting two weeks before moving furniture back into the room, and when you do, it’s best to use felt pads to prevent scuffmarks and scratches.

Birch hardwood floors are much easier to clean than carpet or tiles. You can remove dust and dirt with a broom and a vacuum—preferably one with a soft-tipped attachment.

Avoid using ammonia, oil soap and other harsh chemicals because they can damage the finish and harm the wood underneath. Be sure to ask your contractor about ways to clean stains.

Though birch wood is resilient, home- and business owners should still take preventative measures to maintain its appearance. Keep your pets’ nails trimmed, and if a liquid spills on the floor, try to clean it immediately. Also, avoid walking on hardwood floors with stiletto shoes because these can concentrate high amounts of pressure on small areas—stressing the fibers and wearing down the finish.

Birch Hardwood Floor Services in San Francisco

Allied Restoration Company’s IIRC-certified contractors can perform restoration, refinishing and installation services for birch hardwood floors in both homes and businesses. We also offer fire, smoke and flood restoration services. Our emergency response team is available 24/7, and we can act quickly to preserve your birch hardwood floors.

If you would like to speak with an experienced hardwood floor contractor, call us today at 415-529-5637.