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Sebastopol Smoke Damage Repair

A fire can drastically alter the course of your life, and even a small fire can cause extensive damage to your property. Many people are also unaware that even if the property does not burn down or suffer extensive structural damage, the impact of the smoke and water can be equally devastating.

The restoration and fire damage cleanup that follows a fire may Fire Damage Repairseem like an uphill battle. Apart from the direct flame damage, it is critical to take the impact of the smoke and water into account before you can move back in.

At Allied Restoration Company, we take the hassle out of this process. We will restore your property so it is safe for your family or customers, and oversee all aspects of your Sebastopol fire damage clean up. Call us today at 415-529-5637 to schedule an inspection.

Sebastopol Fire Damage Restoration

In the immediate aftermath of a serious fire, the restoration process might feel like an insurmountable task. The key to a full recovery lies in a fast response and using the services of a company that has the equipment and expertise to handle the restoration process.

This is where ARC can help. Our technicians restore damage from floods, fires, earthquakes and other disasters. All technicians have Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certifications.

After a fire, there are several aspects that we can restore, including key structural elements of the building, furniture, and even personal possessions such as documents, books and photographs.

ARC technicians evaluate the extent of fire, smoke and water damage, and advise you on how to salvage or restore affected possessions.

Handling the Aftermath of a Fire

The most important step after a fire is to ensure that everyone is safe. It is also important to contact emergency services, even if you do not think the fire is serious. There may be damage to structures, or unseen flames, that an experienced emergency crew must evaluate.

As soon as the emergency services finish working, start the restoration process. With ARC, Sebastopol fire damage clean up does not have to be an expensive or lengthy process. Our team consists of a variety of professionals, including public health practitioners, microbial investigators, mechanical ventilation engineers and certified restoration trainers.

We will visit your property and provide you with a comprehensive estimate for the fire damage repair process. We also have the necessary experience to assist you with filing an insurance claim.

Importance of Hiring an Experienced Fire Remediation Service

Even a small or contained fire can cause damage to the property. It is always advisable to contact a fire remediation service to provide a professional evaluation of the entire house or building. Aside from the obvious dangers, such as damaged support beams or stairwells, there are several long-term health hazards associated with fires.

For example, smoke from the fire can linger and cause long-term respiratory issues. Even if a fire crew extinguished the fire promptly, water from fire hoses can cause unseen damage. Mold can build up over the next weeks. This mold is unsightly and hazardous to your health.

An experienced response team can outline a comprehensive recovery plan to ensure that no dangers or hazards go unchecked. Our team of experts will tailor the recovery plan to your needs. We will leave you comfortable in the knowledge that your house or business is safe for occupation, and not at risk of a subsequent fire.

Smoke Damage Repair Services

Our fire remediation service at ARC takes everything into account when helping with the recovery of a fire. One of the most overlooked complications of a fire is smoke, and we use the latest techniques to take the issue of smoke damage head on.

The danger of smoke is that it reaches parts of the building that are often difficult to reach or are out of sight, and this is why many homeowners do not give it adequate attention. This can be a serious mistake, because not only is smoke toxic for many months after a fire, but the residue also increases the possibility of an additional fire.

A comprehensive response will get to all dangerous smoke residue, and we will make sure there is no lingering impact on your structure.

Fire Damage Cleaning in Sebastopol

If you are struggling to come to terms with a fire at your home or business, schedule an appointment with ARC. Our comprehensive fire damage cleaning services will put your mind at rest. Call us today at 415-529-5637 to speak to a member of our team about cleaning up after a fire.