6 Events That Will Make You Happy You Have Renters Insurance in Fairfax

Posted on: November 4, 2014 | By: Michael T. | fairfax california, insurance

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Smoke Damage RepairThe Napa Valley earthquake that struck Fairfax on Aug. 24 has taught tenants the value of renters insurance. With no warning, one natural disaster can damage your property, and even cause financial ruin for those that are unprepared. Your landlord’s insurance will repair the building, but your belongings will still be lost, and you may even have to live elsewhere for a time.

According to LearnVest, you can receive insurance coverage of around $50,000 for a standard renter’s policy, which will cost roughly $300 annually. Call Allied Restoration Company today on 415-529-5637 for advice on how to reduce insurance premiums. While basic hazard insurance does not cover earthquakes, there are several occasions where you will be grateful you are covered.

1. Natural Disasters 

If your possessions are destroyed by certain natural elements, your policy will protect you from paying exorbitantly out of your pocket. Fire, wind, explosions, snowstorms, water leakage, smoke, surges of electricity, and lightning strikes are examples of what can happen at any time – and your renters insurance will cover the loss.

2. Burglary

In the case of theft, you are completely protected. Your belongings will be replaced according to your type of policy (Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost Value). Your possessions are even covered if they are stolen elsewhere, such as on holiday or in your car. To make future claims easier, take photographs of all your valuable items.

3. Vandalism

vandalismRegardless of how your personal property is vandalized, renters insurance will aid in replacing it for you. Common examples include estranged lovers with anger issues, smashed objects during a burglary, and neighborhood kids throwing bricks through your windows. Effective Coverage for Renters advises reading through your policy carefully to learn of any limits.

4. Living Expenses

If the building was damaged and you need to stay somewhere else, the difference in cost that this will cause is included in your renter’s insurance coverage. This includes housing costs and replacement of items that you had to leave behind, such as clothes, toiletries and even food, if necessary.

emergency25. Injury to Someone Else

Any legal expenses that may arise out of somebody getting injured on your premises are covered by your policy. In fact, even their medical expenses are included in your liability cover. Accidents happen, very quickly, and you will be delighted that you have renters insurance if that person decides to sue you, or if they need medical care.

6. Accidental Property Damage

Your insurance coverage even protects you from other liability, such as unintentionally damaging someone else’s property. Perhaps your child hit a baseball through your neighbor’s window, or you dropped their fine china while making tea; whatever you did accidentally is covered by the liability clause in your policy.

fire-damageRenters insurance has many advantages, besides just replacing your items after an incident. Fortunately, renters insurance in Fairfax is among the most affordable and easy-to-manage coverage options available. For advice on how to go about qualifying for premium discounts, call Allied Restoration Company on 415-529-5637.