5 Quick Tips to Prevent Sewer Backups

Posted on: November 22, 2014 | By: Michael T. | Sewage water damage clean up San Francisco

Sewage water damage clean up San Francisco

5 Quick Tips to Prevent Sewer Backups

The septic system is one of the most used structures in a home or business. Every time you run your dishwasher, use the garbage disposal, wash your hands, flush the toilet or operate the washing machine, it puts your septic system to work. Just one small clog could cause a problem for every drain and toilet in your home.

Many homeowners don’t realize they have an issue until it’s too late. Over time, main sewer lines crack, deteriorate, collapse and become obstructed. Fortunately for property owners in San Francisco, Allied Restoration Company has a 24-hour help line when you need assistance with water damage or raw sewage cleanup. If you have a drain clog on you property, call us today at 415-529-5637.

There are a few simple steps you can take to prevent a major septic tank catastrophe:

1. Schedule Frequent Inspections

It’s important to schedule pump inspections periodically. According to the EPA, a septic service professional should visit the average household at least once every three years. Usually, septic tanks are pumped every three to five years. Systems with electrical float switches or mechanical components require more frequent inspections.

2. Avoid Putting Grease Down the Drain

Pay attention to what is being put down the drain. Avoid putting grease, sauces, cooking oils, fibrous vegetables such as lettuce, pasta, potatoes and rice down the drain. Coffee grounds and egg shells are equally as dangerous.

3. Be Careful of What You Flush

Feminine products, paper towels, diapers and “flushable” wipes should not be flushed down a toilet because they will not disintegrate like toilet paper does.

4. Consider Installing a Backwater Prevention Valve

A backwater prevention valve is a device that installs into a sewer line within the basement of a home or business. This device enables sewage to leave the home and does not allow it to return.

5. Call a Raw Sewage Cleanup Professional Today

Unfortunately, even if you take all of the necessary precautions, accidents may still happen. Just know that when it does, Allied Restoration Company is here to help. Allied Restoration can provide the most efficient and professional raw sewage cleanup services to homes in San Francisco. If you’re experiencing a sewage clog or water damage, don’t hesitate to call us at 415-529-5637.