5 Popular Deck Designs in California

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5 Popular Deck Designs in California

California offers fine weather for outdoor leisure and entertaining, and Bay Area residents think of decks as essential for all properties. So much planning goes into deck building, and once you decide on the design, you need to identify the right materials. According to Popular Mechanics, too many choices make the decision difficult.

Custom Deck Building & Repair San FranciscoDifferent materials provide varying degrees of visual appeal, but they have a more important function. Some materials offer enhanced protection, less maintenance and affordable cost. Deck repair in San Francisco improves the longevity of your deck, so you must factor maintenance into your decision. Call San Francisco Flood Repair at 415-529-5637 to choose the right material for your design.

In the meantime, consider these five popular deck designs:

1. Platform Decks

Platform decks offer the simplest style and the easiest maintenance. They are ideal for level lots, and they are popular among homeowners with single-level properties. As these decks sit close to the ground, they do not require railings and other safety regulations. However, you can boost the visual appeal of the perimeter with bench seating, built-in planters, a screened gazebo and sunburst railing.

2. Raised Decks

If the first floor of your property is above the ground, raised decks provide a beautiful option to match the style of your home. These decks require stairs and railings for easy yard access and safety. You can hide exposed foundation posts with lattice skirting and foundation planters.

3. Two-Story Decks

Two-story decks offer the perfect solution for providing easy access to the outdoors from the home’s upper levels. However, this poses an aesthetic challenge as the deck requires support from bracing and structural posts, but there are many ways to make them visually appealing.

4. Multilevel Decks

A series of walkways and stairways connect multilevel decks, and because they consist of several smaller decks, they work best for sloped properties. You can use the contours of your land to design a multilevel deck and highlight your garden. Additionally, Better Homes and Gardens advises planning lower decks so that they do not interfere with the scenic views visible from higher decks.

5. Freestanding Deck

Freestanding decks do not require any attachment to the house for support. They provide a tranquil place in the garden, and they offer a practical approach if your house’s structure does not permit a ledger board. Freestanding decks employ the same techniques and methods as attached decks, but posts, beams and footings replace the ledger.

Deck Building in San Francisco

A deck increases a property’s value and enhances its outdoor living space. You need a professional team of experts who take pride in their workmanship to build a sturdy deck. Call San Francisco Flood Repair at 415-529-5637.