3 Reasons Why Smoke Is So Harmful to a Home

Posted on: November 4, 2014 | By: Michael T. | clean up, damage mitigation, damage to personal property, fire damage clean up, fire sprinkler flood, san francisco, smoke damage repair

3 Reasons Why Smoke Is So Harmful to a Home

Everyone is familiar with the damage a fire can cause to a home, but many underestimate the consequences of severe smoke damage. Because of this, it’s important to understand how smoke can harm a home and how professional restoration services can help.

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1. Smoke Poses Serious Health Risks

Smoke is essentially unspent fuel. Depending on the type of fire that was in the area, different forms of smoke can expel. However, no matter what “type” of smoke was produced, they’re all hazardous. The inhalation of smoke is harmful to the lungs, but even after the fire has stopped burning, the residue left from the smoke can create unsafe breathing conditions and be harmful to the skin.

2. Smoke Can Damage Property

Flames don’t need to touch your property for a fire to cause serious damage. In fact, some of the most challenging home repairs result from smoke damage.

This is often made worse, as the Chicora Foundation reports, by people trying to wipe smoke residue off with their bare hands. This is a health risk as the oils from the skin combine with the acidity of the smoke residue and absorb into the body.

The ideal approach to smoke damage restoration depends on the type of fire. That said, attempting to remedy the situation without professional help could actually cost more money in the long run.

As Houselogic.com reports, the longer the smoke residue remains, the more damage it will cause. Unaddressed smoke damage will also be more difficult to clean.

3. Smoke Can Short out Electricity

Particularly after low-oxygen fires, smoke can cause significant damage to electrical components due to its acidity and wet residue. Since smoke can spread throughout the home, it’s especially important to have any areas with electrical wiring inspected by a professional. At first, the issue may be barely noticeable, but neglected smoke residue can cause more issues as time passes.

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