Reasons to Hire Sewage Cleanup Services Immediately

Posted on: November 4, 2014 | By: Michael T. | cleaning up backed up drain, san francisco, sewage clean up tips

3 Reasons to Hire Sewage Cleanup Services Immediately. Stopping the Stench:

Sewage backup is a nightmare that no homeowner wants to experience. With the persistent stench and the amount of damage this can inflict on property, many are unsure of what to do.

Some homeowners attempt to solve the issue alone. However, the best and most responsible option is to seek the help of a sewage cleanup service as soon as possible in order to minimize damage to property and protect the health of home inhabitants. Below, you’ll find three situations in which cleanup services should be contacted right away.

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1. Sewage Spills Contain Toxic Substances and Pathogens

If there’s any reason to take a sewage spill seriously and call a professional, it’s the danger posed by the bacteria and pathogens. As reports, certain strains of harmful bacteria, such as e. Coli and Salmonella, thrive in raw sewage. It’s also common to find parasites, like tapeworm. Sewage-cleanup services understand these risks and can take the appropriate actions to reduce the exposure and spread of hazardous organisms.

2. Sewage Cleanup Services Address the Issues Quickly and Efficiently

Addressing a sewage backup as quickly as possible is imperative to minimize damage and health risks. Every minute counts; in fact, according to the EPA, it can take as little as two days for mold and other destructive issues to get out of hand. Contacting a raw-sewage cleanup service as soon as possible is the best course of action for addressing the situation timely and effectively.

3. Improper Sewage Cleanup Can Make the Situation Worse

In an attempt to save money, many homeowners try to take matters into their own hands. Unfortunately for those do-it-yourself gurus, this approach will most likely make matters worse.

Sewage cleanup professionals have access to the machinery and techniques required to perform the job safely and properly. Raw sewage cleanup is not a DIY project. Homeowners run the risk of exposing themselves or their loved ones to toxic and dangerous substances. Contacting a professional should be the first and only priority.

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