Water Damage Repair in Sausalito, California

water damage repair sausalito

wanted water in your home or building

    • We assess the damage
    • We document the damage conditions (photo, moisture measurement for insurance review purposes)
    • We provide a written estimate.
    • We begin work immediately to minimize damages.
    • We provide a written reconstruction estimate and plan for repairs once drying and cleaning have been completed.
    • We submit all documentation and estimates to your insurance carrier with Pre-Negotiated pricing. (Xactimate 28)

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Few forces can match the destructive power of water. While a flood can destroy a property in a matter of minutes, a slow leak in the plumbing system can cause major devastation over the course of weeks or months. No matter the cause of your water damage, the key to making a full recovery is calling a water damage repair crew as soon as possible.

Water Damage Repair in SausalitoWater damage clean up is not a do-it-yourself job. Although every property owner wants to save money, novice attempts to address the destruction can actually cause more problems. Most business- and homeowners lack the necessary equipment to remove moisture and dehumidify a room. Leaving just a small amount of standing water can lead to mold growth, dry rot and other problems.

If you require water damage clean up in Sausalito, California, then contact Allied Restoration Company. Our team is IIRC certified, and we will get to work immediately to restore your wooden floors, documents, furniture, carpet and other property. Call 415-529-5637 to schedule a consultation.

Flood Response 101: How to Save Your Property

Although you should never attempt to address a flood without professional help, there are certain steps you can take to mitigate the damage. To start, serious flooding often affects expensive furniture, photos and other belongings. You will likely want to remove these items from the water-damaged area as soon as possible, but you should do so with caution.

Floodwaters often carry bacteria and other contaminants. These can cause disease and illness. If you must remove certain items from a flooded room, then it is critical that you use the proper equipment. You should wear rubber boots, gloves, a mask and eye protection when moving throughout a flooded room.

At Allied Restoration Company, we understand that you are eager to restore your home or business to its original condition. Our technicians will evaluate the damage, create a remediation plan and get to work immediately. Not only will we remove the moisture, but we will also sanitize the area and inspect it for mold and other hazards.

Common Causes of Water Damage in Sausalito, California

Although water damage can result from a number of factors, the most common causes are storms and plumbing failures. Leaky pipes, overflowing toilets and broken hot-water heaters can all contribute to a flood.

Although the plumbing system can malfunction due to a technical problem, flooding can also put stress on pipes. Even a slight plumbing defect warrants a professional inspection. It may indicate a major problem that, if left unaddressed, can lead to significant water damage.

You should schedule a plumbing inspection at least once per year to identify issues. Larger buildings may require bi-annual inspections. This can help you avoid expensive repairs by catching problems early.

In addition to plumbing failures, violent weather is a main contributor to flooding and water damage. Even a small tear in a shingle can allow enough water to enter a building to cause a mold outbreak and structural issues. This is why you should schedule roof inspections at least once per year and after any major storm.

After a severe downpour, a river or lake may overflow. If the floodwaters enter your property, then it is critical that you contact a professional water damage clean up crew immediately.

Health Risks from Water Damage

When most people imagine water damage, property destruction comes to mind. However, there are certain health risks that you should take into account.

Floodwaters often carry bacteria and other contaminants. These can lead to illness and disease. This is one of many reasons why water damage repair is not a do-it-yourself job.

Mold growth is perhaps the most serious health risk associated with water damage. Even a small amount of moisture can lead to an outbreak.

Mold can cause potentially fatal allergic reactions, as well as respiratory illness. Spores can travel through a building’s air ducts, and new outbreaks can form in bathrooms and kitchens.

If you suffer from a preexisting respiratory condition, then a mold outbreak can be particularly dangerous. The water damage repair crew from Allied Restoration Company can dehumidify your building and inspect for mold outbreaks before we leave the scene. 

Professional Water Damage Clean up in Sausalito 

If your business or home has fallen victim to water damage, then contact Allied Restoration Company. Call 415-529-5637 to schedule an inspection.