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Water Damage Clean up in San Rafael

Water damage can wreak havoc on a business or home. In addition to structural damage, a flood can destroy furniture, carpet, hardwood floors, documents, photos and other belongings. But with Allied Restoration Company on the job, it may be possible to restore your property to its original condition.

water damage repair in san rafaelMaintaining a home or business is expensive, and most property owners are on a tight budget. However, water damage repair is never a DIY job.

In addition to standing water, floods can cause mold outbreaks and dry rot. After cleaning the building, dehumidification may be necessary. Allied Restoration Company offers dehumidification services and professional mold remediation.

If you need water damage clean up in San Rafael, then contact ARC today at 415-529-5637. Our IIRC-certified technicians can assess the problem and create a comprehensive plan to clean, dry and restore your property. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Why Contact a Professional for San Rafael Water Damage Repair? 

Structural damage may just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to floods and plumbing leaks. The water may carry toxins and bacteria, which can cause diseases and infections.

This is why it is important to avoid all water-damaged areas. Our response team will arrive on the scene quickly to salvage your belongings and restore your property. If you absolutely must remove items from a flooded area, then be sure to wear gloves, eye protection, boots and a mask.

Also, removing the water is just the start of the restoration process. Your home or business may require dehumidification to prevent dry rot and mold outbreaks.

ARC can also perform a mold inspection to identify outbreaks. Using industry-standard technology, we can find mold in imperceptible areas, remove it and take steps to prevent future growths.

Mold can be particularly difficult to remove without the help of a professional. Even if you spot the mold, it may have spread to other areas of your home or business. Airborne mold spores can travel through air ducts and contaminate other rooms. The kitchen and bathrooms are particularly susceptible to outbreaks.

Allied Restoration Company offers full-service water damage restoration that most property owners simply cannot match. Our process includes water removal, drying, dehumidification, document restoration and mold remediation.

Plumbing Failures Can Cause Severe Water Damage 

Although rainstorms can cause flooding in homes and businesses, most cases of water damage result from plumbing failures. A leaky pipe may go unnoticed for weeks or months. If left unaddressed, the moisture can build up and cause structural damage and mold growth.

A small leak may indicate a more serious problem. An ARC technician will clean and dry the area, and create a plan to address the root of the issue.

Several factors can cause plumbing issues, some of which are out of the property owner’s control. Examples include earthquakes and construction. You should schedule regular plumbing inspections to avoid major repairs.

Water Damage from Rainstorms 

An overflowing lake or river can wreak havoc on a property. However, it doesn’t take a torrential downpour to cause serious water damage.

Over time, sun exposure and occasional storms can cause wear and tear on a roof. A small hole is all it takes to allow enough moisture to enter a home to cause structural problems and mold outbreaks.

You should schedule a roof inspection at least once per year. If we notice a mold outbreak in your attic, then we will investigate the issue and create a restoration plan to prevent future problems.

Mold Growth & Humidity

Humidity can be just as destructive as standing water. It can damage documents and furniture, and set the foundation for mold growth.

This is why dehumidification is an integral part of Allied Restoration Company’s water damage repair process. After cleaning and drying the damaged area, we will use dehumidification to prevent future problems.

Mold is perhaps the most serious threat in a humid building. Airborne spores can cause potentially fatal allergic reactions. They can also contribute to respiratory illnesses and irritate the nose, throat and eyes.

San Rafael Water Damage Repair

Water damage is not a problem that you can put off until tomorrow. Contact Allied Restoration Company today for an immediate and professional response. To schedule an inspection, call 415-529-5637.