Water Damage Repair in Rohnert Park, California

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We provide extraction of unwanted water in your home or building

    • We assess the damage
    • We document the damage conditions (photo, moisture measurement for insurance review purposes)
    • We provide a written estimate.
    • We begin work immediately to minimize damages.
    • We provide a written reconstruction estimate and plan for repairs once drying and cleaning have been completed.
    • We submit all documentation and estimates to your insurance carrier with Pre-Negotiated pricing. (Xactimate 28)

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Water damage from leaking pipes, flooding or violent storms is a serious threat to businesses and homes. Water can compromise the structural integrity of your building – not to mention your furniture, carpet, wooden floors and documents.

Water Damage Clean UpEven a small amount of water can cause serious destruction over time. Although it may be easy to notice floods from heavy rainstorms, a pipe leak may go unaddressed for months. This can lead to mold growth and dry rot.

A fast response is critical when it comes to water damage repair. Allied Restoration Company can start working immediately to restore your property to its original condition.

If you need water damage clean up in Rohnert Park, California, then call ARC today at 415-529-5637. One of our technicians will evaluate the extent of the destruction, create a remediation plan and provide an upfront estimate of the repair costs. 

Responding to a Flood

Water damage clean up is never a do-it-yourself task. Without the right experience, you can actually worsen the damage by attempting to repair the problem without professional help. The sooner our team arrives on the scene, the more likely it is that we can save your property.

It is important to remember that floodwaters often carry bacteria and other debris. If you must remove certain items from a flooded room, then you should only do so with the proper equipment. This includes boots, rubber gloves, eye protection and a face mask.

You should also hang drop-cloths to cover doorways.  This can prevent the spread of toxins. 

Common Causes of Floods in Rohnert Park

Floods can cause serious damage within a matter of minutes – and they can result from a number of factors. The most common causes include plumbing malfunctions and storms. No matter the source of the water, even a small amount of moisture can cause serious damage, so it is critical that you contact a professional remediation crew as soon as possible.

Floods from heavy storms often lead to problems outside of water damage – such as roofing issues, broken windows and bacteria outbreaks. Roofing problems, in particular, may go unnoticed. They can develop over time, which is why proper building maintenance is key for flood prevention.

You should schedule roof evaluations twice each year – and immediately after a violent storm. Even a small hole can allow enough water to enter your building to cause serious damage.

Broken hot water heaters, pipe leaks and other plumbing failures can also lead to serious floods within a home or business. Although shutting off a valve may stop the flow of water, standing moisture will continue to cause damage until you address the problem.

Similar to your roof, it is critical that you schedule plumbing system assessments at least once per year. A technician will check for breaks, leaks and clogs. Larger buildings may require bi-annual plumbing assessments. 

Common Problems Associated with Flooding

Water damage is more destructive than most property owners assume. It can threaten the structural integrity of a building and pose serious health risks. Mold growth is one of the most common and dangerous aftereffects of a flood.

Mold thrives in moist environments, and after a flood, it can grow quickly. Spores can spread throughout a building through the air ducts, often leading to new outbreaks in the kitchen and bathrooms.

In addition to worsening the property damage, mold can cause allergic reactions and potentially fatal respiratory disease. It is particularly harmful to the skin, throat, nasal passage and eyes. This is why nobody should occupy a building after water damage has occurred.

Water Damage Repair in Rohnert Park, California

A mop and bucket may be sufficient for a small spill, but you should never underestimate the dangers of water damage. Whether a flood or leaky pipe has affected your home or business, your livelihood may depend on a fast and professional response.

Addressing water damage quickly is the key to a full recovery. Allied Restoration Company not only can remove the water from your building, but we can also restore documents, furniture, carpet and wooden floors. Our team uses industry-standard equipment and the latest techniques to provide fast and thorough water damage repair.

If your home or business has suffered water damage, then contact Allied Restoration Company. Call 415-529-5637 to schedule an inspection.