Santa Rosa Flood Damage Repair

Professional Santa Rosa Flood Damage Repair 

If you have recently experienced a flood, then you understand how catastrophic the damage can be. Whether the water came from broken plumbing systems or a surge of water from a recent storm, water damage is fast and unpredictable – and it requires immediate response.

Floods not only threaten to destroy a business, but they can also structuraldryingbuildingdamage retail stock, causing an even greater loss of money for a company. For homes, water damage can ruin priceless property including clothes, documents, photographs and more.

For professional flood damage repair in Santa Rosa, trust Allied Restoration Company to be there for you. Our response team not only has the equipment necessary to perform a complete repair, but most important, we understand how to prevent future disasters. We’ll get the job done right the first time. Call us today at 415-529-5637.

Pro Tips on How to Respond to a Flood 

You should never attempt to clean a flood on your own because it requires professional tools and knowledge. Even smaller floods are capable of significant damage and should be handled professionally. You will also run the risk of making the problem worse, which may make it harder to guarantee a complete recovery.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you are powerless to act when water damage strikes. Though your first course of action should always be to contact a water damage team immediately, clearing an area of untouched furniture and property is generally a smart idea.

You may also want to purchase rubber boots, gloves and a breathing mask if you have to move through areas close to the site. This can reduce the chance of spreading water, as well as any potential contaminants.

If possible, it is best to stay out of the building during the recovery process. Our professional restoration team will keep you updated on the progress. In the meantime, you and your family can relocate and leave the job to the pros, reducing your exposure to any airborne toxins, mold spores and pathogens within the water.

Common Causes of Floods and Water Damage

Flooding and water damage can result from may unexpected problems. A broken plumbing system is one of the quickest ways for water to build up in a home or commercial property. This can be the result of a leaky pipe, busted hot-water heater or overflowing toilet.

Flooding can also cause significant stress on a building’s plumbing system; this can easily result in floods occurring in different areas at once. This is why even slight plumbing malfunctions should be addressed immediately.

Having your building’s plumbing system regularly inspected, especially if there appears to be an issue, is an effective way to prevent an even greater issue from appearing.

Violent weather is another contributor to water damage and flooding. Over time, even light rain showers can wear down roofing materials, eventually creating the conditions for further destruction and eventually a leak or flood. Overflowing rivers and lakes can also cause significant amounts of water to damage property.

Health Risks from Floods

Not only can water quickly harm property, it can also cause a number of serious threats to the health of those around it. Water from outside can often carry large amounts of dirt and debris, as well as toxins and even pathogens if it has been exposed to sewage at all.

Water damage can also contribute to mold growth. While this can cause even further damage to property, it also creates a pernicious health risk. Active mold sites release countless amounts of spores into the air each day. These can be inhaled, creating complications for those suffering from existing respiratory illnesses, as well as creating the conditions for new ones to develop over time. Mold spores can also irritate the skin, eyes, throat and nasal passages. Those allergic to mold spores can have violent reactions.

Professional Flood Damage Repair in Santa Rosa 

If your home or place of business is under threat from flooding, contact the water damage experts at Allied Restoration Company today. We provide complete water removal, drying, dehumidification, and even mold testing and remediation to guarantee a full recovery. Call us today at 415-529-5637.